We seek a variety of creative learning activities that will be curated in order to provide a wide array of content across multiple artistic disciplines for users to engage. Therefore, we ask that applicants limit themselves to identifying ONE of the artforms below, so that we may streamline our selection process. Please help us by selecting the artistic discipline that your work most directly and deeply aligns.

  • Dance (dancers + choreographers; aerial, ballet, hip-hop, jazz, tap, etc.)
  • Drama & Performance (directing, experimental, live action, playwriting, puppetry, tactical and site performance, etc.)
  • Literary Arts (fiction, nonfiction, poetry, literature for children, criticism, graphic novels, journalism, arts writing, etc.)
  • Media & Film (work that uses technology, aesthetics, storytelling, digital cultures, and so on; including but not limited to immersive design, interactive media, podcasts, virtual reality, web-based projects, animation, documentary, episodic, experimental, narrativ etc.)
  • Music (composers + musicians; classical, contemporary, experimental, folk, instrumental, jazz, pop, world, etc.)
  • Cultural Arts (work related to the continuity and evolution of a tradition and/or cultural heritage such as cultural dance, cultural music, oral expression, and traditional crafts, etc.)
  • Visual Art & Craft (installation, painting, performance art, photography, sculpture, sound art, video,ceramics, fiber, glass, jewelry, metals, textiles, etc.)