Project Overview

Students will explore their cultural heritage and identity through art and will encounter black cultural heritage by engaging with contemporary black artists. Additionally, students will learn about the processes and practices of screen printing.

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  • Collaboratively shape an artistic investigation of an aspect of present day life using a Contemporary practice of art and design.

  • Explain how a person’s aesthetic choices are influenced by culture and environment and impact the visual image that one conveys to others.

  • Distinguish different ways art is used to represent, establish, reinforce, and reflect group identity.

  • Learn about the process of screen printing from start to finish.

About the creator

Quaishawn headshot

Quaishawn Whitlock

Quaishawn is an artist, educator, and business owner in Pittsburgh PA. Owner and Director of 1st Layer L.L.C. and currently holding teaching positions at the Andy Warhol Museum in the Education Department as well as resident project artist at the Artists Image Resource.