• Learn how to make an easy to use paper mache mix, and gain insight into possible uses of commonly discarded materials.

In this 16 minute virtual workshop, kids will learn to use paper mache, along with reusable objects, to make one of a kind creatures/objects. This activity specifically stresses using commonly accessible materials most people have in their homes like flour, newspaper, leftover cardboard, tape, aluminum foil, etc. The workshop also functions as a beginner’s intro to some of the foundational ideas of sculptural art, particularly looking past an object’s basic appearance or function to create something new. Participants will need a workspace where they can get a little bit messy.

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Materials Needed

  • Flour

  • Water

  • Newspaper

  • Various recyclable materials

  • Mixing container

  • Mixing tool (i.e. spoon, skewer, stick)

  • Tape

  • Craft knife or scissors

About the creator

Nick Sardo headshot

Nick Sardo

Originally hailing from Santa Monica, CA, Nick Sardo is a Pittsburgh-based mixed media artist. Sardo’s work centers around a uniquely satirical take on the idea of the divine. He draws from a wide variety of sources, ranging from Byzantine iconography to offbeat, gory 80’s cartoons. His work shows singular figures that inhabit the roles of idol and worshipper, created from clashes of fleshy, organic form and imagined objects. Though these figures are always alone, some loom over the viewer, powerful and ornate, while others are shriveled and whimpering. Texture and material solidify the narrative through-lines of his work, connecting his pieces across media and scale. Sardo holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Carnegie Mellon University.