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Learn about composer Camille Nickerson.

Learn musical terms and about the composer’s work.

Learn about Afro-Creole culture and its development.

I, Too, Sing  is a lecture recital series created to educate young people about Classical composers of the African Diaspora. This virtual zoom residency is designed for grades 5-12 and will address the song collection,  “Five Creole Songs” as arranged by Camille Nickerson.

Published in 1942,  “Five Creole Songs” as arranged by Camille Nickerson were published to introduce and educate the general public about Afro-Creole culture in Louisiana. Through the lens of these pieces, students will learn about the history of Afro-creoles in Louisiana, the contributions of Afro- Creoles to classical music, while learning musical terminology and  song structure.

In this first session, learn about Afro-Creole culture and what influenced it’s development.

By registering for this event, you will automatically be registered for all five sessions.