• Use imagination and creativity to express self through dramatic play (9.1.D PK.E)

  • Distinguish between emotions and identify socially accepted ways to express them (16.1 PK.A)

  • Demonstrate coordination of body movements in active play (10.4 PK.A)

In this three-lesson series, participants will build drama skills and find their happy place while acting out lots of wacky characters! Each lesson will focus on exercising a different tool from the actor’s toolbox; starting with our bodies, moving on to our voices, and wrapping up by working out our imaginations; while developing social-emotional awareness and gross motor coordination. All activities will have a cortisol-lowering focus to provide a positive, stress-relieving experience that will leave participants feeling calm and joyful.


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Cool, Calm Characters!

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Early Childhood

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Taylor Couch

Taylor Couch is a Teaching Artist and performer who specializes in creative movement, arts-integrated learning experiences, and Early Childhood Education. With an MA in Drama and Performance Studies from the Queen’s University of Belfast and a Bachelor’s in Education and Developmental Studies from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Taylor is interested in the impact performance can have on everyday life. Some of her favorite educational projects include a month-long residency focusing on teaching gentleness through dance concepts in a local infant and toddler classroom and developing intergenerational arts experiences for elderly adults with dementia and their families.