A Colorful Explosion- Acids vs Bases

Students will conduct an investigation to determine whether the mixture of two or more substances results in a new substance They’ll and interpret the properties of a substance before and after the substances interact, and determine if a chemical reaction has occurred.  They will use the same chemical reaction to create a cool piece of visual artwork. This video was originally aired as a part of CLN’s Fall Festival.

A list of needed materials and the full lesson outline can be found here.

About the creator

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Kirsten Raglin

Kirsten Raglin, was born and raised on the east side of Pittsburgh. Her passion for art and science started very young. She began to find ways to create art at home with limited resources. She continued into adulthood working with the youth to give them an opportunity to have an outlet to express their emotions through art and science. She is teaching artists who experiment, using science to make art.