• Students will learn different methods of tracing, and how they can turn their traced image into something unexpected.

  • Students will begin to understand that you don’t have to be a skilled artist to be an artist.

In this workshop, a PDF format, students from grade 6 and up (older, too!) will learn different tracing methods and how those can be used to create something unique! This workshop is intended to help individuals, who may feel like they aren’t skilled at drawing, make amazing art! There will be four different methods meeting the needs of those who have access to certain technology, and those who don’t.

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Age Group

Middle School, High School

About the creator

Zo Zelinski headshot

Zo Zelinski

Zo Zielinski is a visual artist based in Pittsburgh, PA. His mediums range from drawing, to painting, to graphic design. He enjoys depicting everything in nature; people, animals, insects, and plants. His most recent success is a permanent installation in the West Hall of the Community College of Allegheny County. His installation turns a janitors closet into a dive bar bathroom covered in graffiti. The intent is to help people understand what it’s like being transgender and having to use a public bathroom. His intention with art is to bring people joy, and a sense of unity.