• Write addition and subtraction sentences within totals or 10, 20 and 100

  • Reason with data (collection, analysis, display)

  • Write and recite important identifying information such as their full name, address, important telephone numbers and family members

  • Identify and give roles of various branches of their borough government

This PDF resources is a lesson plan for Math Lab, a set of activities appropriate for grades 1 – 2. The goals are for youth to strengthen and attain Math skills to combat summer learning loss; apply the Math they learn to collect data on the cars running our stop signs; learn how our local government works so that they present their findings and influence change on our street; and be self-advocates by designing signs on our street to alert drivers to be safer. Included are games, music and movement to enrich our activity. Each session will involve a short physical warm-up exercise, a shortened version of a formal math lesson, data collection, a civic engagement activity, and end with a reflection (written/verbal) on the activities for our day.

Find the lesson outline here

Materials Needed



Egg carton


About the creator

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Charis Walker

Charis Walker is an educator, dancer, and poet. Most of her education has centered around teaching Mathematics, Yoga, and Dance. Greatly inspired by the Children’s Defense Fund Freedom Schools, Charis has embraced the philosophy of teaching children to use their knowledge of self to change the world around them. This summer’s Math Lab is the result of years of imagining how learning “all the things” (integrating content areas) makes a difference in a child and a community.