• Learn a popular Haitian children’s folk song in the native language of Haitian Creole

  • Perform and follow simple choreography for a physical component to the lesson

This pre-recorded, 8-minute video is a virtual engagement presentation where the educator will use song and body movements to reinforce elements of music, dance, cultural studies, and foreign language. This video teaches a Haitian Children’s song called “Ban Mwen Yon Ti Bo”.

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All Ages

About the creator

Chantal Joseph

Chantal Joseph

Chantal Joseph is a Massachusetts-born musician who is now happy to call Pittsburgh home. She studied Music Business at Boston’s Northeastern University, and currently performs professionally all across the U.S. Chantal’s experience ranges from musical theatre, studio recordings, songwriting/production, live stage performance, and vocal coaching. She is also serving the community as a teaching artist with the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust. Though versatile in her craft, she is also passionate about community outreach and giving back. Chantal’s motivation lies in spreading positivity, inspiration, and empowerment to young and old alike.