• Use music, art, and/or stories to express ideas, thoughts, and feelings (AL.3.PK.A1)

  • Know and use basic elements and principles of music and movement (9.1.M.PK.A1)

In this video we will read the book Hair Love by Matthew Cherry, learn a song and dance about loving our hair as part of ourselves and then put it all together. We will learn new words while also learning to love and celebrate being unique.

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Age Group

Early Childhood, Elementary School

About the creator

Delana Flowers

Delana Flowers

Delana Flowers is a multi-talented creative who loves using art to inspire, teach, and uplift. She is a teaching artist, vocalist, writer, and actress in a category of her own. Her energy and eclecticism fill every space of any room as she brings her art from her heart and soul to yours. Miss Flowers has been seen teaching in classrooms all over the city for Pittsburgh Festival Opera, Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, Hope Academy, and Carnegie Libraries. When she’s not teaching, she’s performing, reading, writing or spending quality time with family and friends. Delana is grateful to God for the opportunities He has given her to add her gifts to the countless others He has placed in the earth. Wherever possible, Delana lives for those magic moments only art brings as it connects people in such profound ways.