• Make physical choices to develop a character in a drama/theatre work (Th:Pr4.1.4b)

  • Explore and invent art-making techniques and approaches (VA:Cr2.1.4a)

This 45-minute workshop video introduces students to Japanese culture and music.

The workshop focuses on Japanese music: taiko drums and bamboo flutes. Participants will also learn some of the basic aspects of Japan’s geography and some simple words of greeting.

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All Ages

About the creator

Marco Lienhard plays flute

Marco Lienhard

Marco Lienhard studied the shakuhachi under Master Katsuya Yokoyama, quickly mastering the instrument and becoming a virtuoso solo artist. Marco Lienhard mastered Taiko drumming as a member of Ondekoza for 18 years. While touring as a professional taiko player in Japan, Lienhard also studied the fue and the nohkan (Noh theater flute) with Yukimasa Isso.