• Learn basic hip-hop history

  • See examples of MCing and songwriting

  • Explore ideas for incorporating hip-hop education into schools

In the Hip Hop – Let Me Rap to You!, you’ll be introduced to the 4 elements of the Hiphop culture: deejaying (music), break dancing (dance), graffiti (visual art), and emceeing (writing, rapping).

Though the focus of workshop is writing, composing and performance, it is open to any add-ons from the other elements within the culture. The information about the history and purpose of the workshop in the introduction of the video gives context to the relationship between music, art, and education. You will see live footage of students going through this very process from classroom to recording studio, from start to completion.

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Age Group

Elementary School, Middle School, High School

About the creator

man poses with spray paint

ChaRon Don

ChaRon Don is a hip hop artist from Pittsburgh, PA. Between writing, recording and performing, there is always more to share. This sharing of time, energy and intellectual resources is ChaRon’s passion. ChaRon is an independent hip hop artist who has released 7 full recording albums which span a 15-year time period thus far. In the last 6 years, ChaRon has been implementing a hip-hop workshop within public schools around the city and state working with two music programs (Urban Music Workshop, Arts Greenhouse Program). With this new found passion, he uses education and music to teach students how to proudly express and share their thoughts and talents.