Project overview

These videos are a part of Pittsburgh Festival Opera’s Opera Tots! program, where they create opportunities for children, teachers, parents and caregivers to explore opera; using its great singing and storytelling features to attain tools for learning.

These videos cover a variety of topics, including lessons on how to sing, character creation, and about the opera Rusalka, which Pittsburgh Festival Opera performed this past year. The videos in the first two rows are meant to be viewed in order from left to right. The videos in the last row can be viewed in any order.

Click here for more information about Pittsburgh Festival Opera’s education program and for more online content for at home learning.

About the organization

Pittsburgh Festival Opera

Pittsburgh Festival Opera

For more than four decades, youth, teachers, and families have been able to participate in quality arts education programs with Pittsburgh Festival Opera in Western Pennsylvania through the passion and dedication of our founder, Mrs. Mildred Miller Posvar.

Hailed as a model for early childhood arts education by Opera America and PNC Foundation, Pittsburgh Festival Opera continues the mission of equality, diversity, and inclusivity with free programming and content to support individuals in their academic success through music and art.

Pittsburgh Festival Opera presents innovative opera, producing American works, reinterpretations of older works, and new works, for the widest possible audience. The company focuses on diversity in programming and casting, on crossing boundaries and bringing together talents from all the arts, on encouraging new talent, and on broadening audiences through outreach and education, to create a body of work that is original, entertaining, contemporary, and relevant.

Pittsburgh Festival Opera brings the power of world-class performances to humanize, energize and re-define opera as an experience that is up-close and personal, approachable, and relevant to today’s audiences. We break boundaries in the arts, bringing together audiences and artists of all backgrounds to engage in experiences that inspire and enthrall.