• Students will learn how to use color to show depth perception when drawing a large pumpkin.

In this excerpt from the live class taught by Laura Nickel, learn about using color to create depth perception in the style of Georgie O’Keefe. This class is for students k-8 of all levels. Families are welcome to do this activity together.

Oil Pastels, acrylic or tempera paint are recommended, but students can use any type of colored art medium they have at hand.

Remember to have all of your supplies ready before the class begins, cover your workspace and clothes and have paper towels if needed.

Find the session outline here.

Materials Needed

  • Any of the following mediums: oil pastels, acrylic paint, crayons or markers

  • Pencil for drawing outline of pumpkin

  • Copy paper if using markers or crayons, but be sure to use heavy weight mixed media or sulphite paper when using other materials

About the creator

Laura Nickel headshot

Laura Nickel

Laura Nickel is a Pittsburgh resident with a B.S. in Child Development. She has over 20 years experience working with children of all abilities and ages. She is a self taught artist, and has been working professionally as an artist for 15 years. She has also written and illustrated therapeutic books for children.

From the onset of her career she has felt that art and creativity should be the core of a holistic approach to learning. Her teaching approach comes from a strong understanding of the incremental stages of development. She likes to teach around themes to help students make connections and see the relationship of art across time and subjects.

Word got out about Laura’s approach and success in teaching art to children, and she now teaches art to adults and children of all abilities. Laura has always felt a close connection to the natural world. She often observes nature, contemplating the rhythms, colors, and patterns. She holds the impression in her soul, and then goes to the studio or classroom to bring nature indoors.

Her favorite mediums are watercolor, acrylic painting, and pottery. Her passion is to encourage people of all abilities and ages to tap into their creative side, and be able to express themselves without judging their own work. She likes her students to focus on the joy of creating and experiencing the process of art without inhibitions.