Practice basic Vinyasa yoga poses

Cultivate balance and flexibility

This 20 min Vinyasa, power-yoga-style class links breath and movement. It will cultivate strength, flexibility, balance, focus and endurance. It also tones and sculpts the entire body and is ideal for all ages.

Age Group

All Ages

About the creator

Jah Ques sitting in yoga pose

Jah Ques

A husband, father and community advocate seeking to offer yoga to the most unlikely people aiding them in eliminating body-shaming, recovery from laziness, address mental health (depression/anxiety) or addiction. Jah Ques’ mat approach inspires people to ‘put a light on in a neglected room’ as they practice yoga. Students are invited to have true church, true confession within their own bodies.

Because Jah Ques believes we are all teachers/students of life, he treats every class as if it is his first, and many of his students experience a safe, non-judgmental, welcoming environment. He taught students at Pressley Ridge and is currently teaching yoga to students at Holy Family (Sto-Rox). Jah Ques is a beacon to people of color and minorities because he reminds them of the history of yoga which begins in Africa traveling through India. His lively roots based music elevates the mind-body vibrations ,which spins a twist for many new to the yoga experience. Students are empowered by Jah Ques to ‘let it all out’.

He seeks to engage students of color so that they can realize yoga was engineered and designed just with them in mind. As they engage and practice more and more the students will minimize low self-worth, decrease poor health (obesity, diminished breathing) and establish and promote self-recovery.