• Learn about the elements of art and design

  • Learn how to view, think, and incorporate inspiration from art and artists.

  • Create an idea collage based on elements of art and design.

We are artists, but how does an artist develop ideas and projects? Explore mixed media art materials, art history and techniques to bring your ideas to life for grades 6-8. Part one will explore the elements of art and design through collage making, and artists Henri Matisse and Bisa Butler. Part two explores drawing from observation and imagination using nature as inspiration while discovering artists Max Ernst, Ellsworth Kelly, and Claude Monet. Part three brings it all together through mixed media material explorations that explore the work of Vanessa German, Gerhard Richter, and Julie Cockburn.

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Sarah Zeffiro

Hello friends, my name is Sarah Zeffiro and I am an artist and educator. Zeffiro Art designs experiences that integrate art, wellness, science, and technology to promote learning. I currently serve as Carlow University’s first Teaching Artist in residence and have I have been an educator at the Carnegie Museum of Art since 2002. In summer 2021, I will join programming at Fallingwater to teach a pre-college residency. I have completed design projects for Highmark Caring Place, Ronald McDonald House Charities, and the iconic Two Andy’s Mural in the City of Pittsburgh. Art is our voice, and through creativity we empower ourselves and one another. Create Together. Instagram @zeffiroart & @loveiscolorful_project