• Know the difference between a spoken word and a poem

  • Write a spoken word piece of your own based off a prompt designed to make you think critically about yourself and the world around you

  • Learn a short vocal and physical warm up to ready yourself to perform their piece and gain some tips to help perform confidently

The activity will consist of three parts and result in the participant(s) gaining knowledge about spoken word and hopefully the confidence to perform their piece in front of their friends, family, or peers. Part one is the explanation of what poetry and spoken word are and the differences between the two. I will also be sharing a spoken word of my own that encourages self love and reminds the participant they have no limits. The second part is a writing exercise where they will respond to the prompt; (write a poem describing who you are and what you want the world around you to look like) and then create their own spoken word. The last part of the activity is a performance/vocal warm up (stretching, vocal warm up, tongue twisters, tips on performing) to help participants get ready to perform the spoken word they’ve written.

Read the full lesson plan here. 

About the creator

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Shakara Wright

Shakara Wright is a multidisciplinary artist from Pittsburgh. She graduated from Point Park University with a BA in acting and currently works as a mentor and artistic consultant for Alumni Theater Company; an organization she is a founding member of. Shakara has been in theater since elementary school and wrote her first play in the 8th grade and since has been working to fit her poetic nature into her playwriting. She hopes to continue to create art that shares the stories of black people and art that encourages humans to love themselves and each other.