• Perceive and analyze artistic works

  • Develop and refine artistic techniques and work for presentation

  • Know and demonstrate how arts can communicate experiences

In this series of five 30-minute, prerecorded workshops, students in grades 4–8 will learn about the different elements of musical theater by exploring the famous musical, The Wiz. Families will enjoy participating with their child in this adventure of a learning experience. They will begin by hearing about The Wiz’s rich background and why it is so special to musical theater history. The fact that it was a such a successful, breakthrough show featuring an all-Black cast is important for our future generation to know and understand.

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A Whirlwind of Workshops about The Wiz:

Part I

Part III

Part IV

Part V

Age Group

Elementary School, Middle School

About the creator

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Alex Manolo

Alex Manalo is a graduate from Point Park University, where she majored in musical theater and has acquired several different jobs within this field. She was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, but her heritage begins with her mother who immigrated from the Philippines. Alex has a love for traditions and different cultures and enjoys learning about them and experiencing them as well. She also has a great love for performing! Her favorite performance credits are South Pacific (Liat), A Musical Christmas Carol (Fan/Alice), Big Fish (Mermaid), Luna (Soledad), and Brewed (Colette). When Alex isn’t performing, she can be seen teaching theater and dance for the Pittsburgh CLO Academy, Propel Charter Schools, City Theatre, Quantum, Vincentian Academy, Beaver County Christian School, and Paragon Studios. Within a school year, Alex works with up to 1,000 students! Her love for teaching started at a young age and she wants to continue to enlighten our future generations.