• Students will be able to embody an alter ego character, explore different kinds of performance (dance/movement and theater), and walk away with a strong sense of the power of such performance.

Join us for session two of Alter Ego with Ru Emmons! The goal is for each youth to create an in-depth alter ego persona with a short performance component to be shared at the end of the series. In this video, Ru will lead exercises which can be used to help find and discover one’s alter ego, and then show some examples of performers and their alter egos.

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About the creator

young person on stage

Ru Emmons

Ru Emmons is a movement artist who strives to use their body as a tool for social change and personal transformation. Their movement style provides alternative ways to be human by engaging athletic contortion, humor, and improvisation to create images of connectivity, discovery, and dysphoria. Emmons explores what it means to be “the other” by testing their own physical limits, curiously investigating the world around them, and transforming body into object and object into body. Other artists describe their work as futuristic, exciting, contemplative, and a “temporary bridge between two worlds.” Their work is further documented at ruemmons.com