Program overview

Based on our popular Midnight Radio series, this program is an inquiry-rich, project-based learning initiative that engages students to research, develop, write, rehearse, and perform their very own radio plays and commercials based on what they’re studying in school.

In addition to core curricular connections, students practice artistic disciplines including creative writing, dramatic writing, performance, vocal production, music composition and performance, public speaking, sound design, and Foley artistry. These plays are performed live for an audience of fellow students, teachers, administrators, parents, and the community. They may also be recorded for podcasts or a school’s television network.

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Video created by Dean Mougianis.

About the organization

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Bricolage Production Company

Bricolage is Pittsburgh’s immersive theater. Our goal is to expand the boundaries of theater by creating transformative experiences that include the audience as a central partner. Click the photo above to learn more.