• Students will be able to edit, group/bus, level, pan, EQ, compress and add effects to vocal tracks for a vocal hook.

  • Students will learn the importance gain staging via audio fader and grouping, as to not overload the Master stereo bus.

  • Students will be able to look at how vocals are layered and processed to create a professional vocal mix.

This standalone demonstration walks students through the elements of and tools used to mix Na’Chelle Simone’s “Rise Up” (WYEP Reimagination 7 Project) hook vocals. Students will see how INEZ processed the audio to create cohesion of vocal layers and timbre (tone) using vocal busses, EQ, compression, panning and aux-routed effects, such as reverb, delay, and pitch shifting. This demonstration is best fit for students who are already familiar with their DAW and who may have some experience in recording vocals and mixing or students interested in audio engineering as a whole. (Grades 9-12) This audio visual demonstration highlights music production, vocal harmony and arrangement, audio engineering.

Required Materials:

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About the creator

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INEZ is a musician, vocalist, producer, audio engineer and teaching artist.

INEZ is a proud Pittsburgh Public Schools graduate and alumna of the Berklee College of Music, where she earned Cum Laude, a Bachelor’s of Professional Studies
in Music Production (‘18). INEZ uses her love of technology, music and writing to show the many facets of Recording Arts. Since 2013, INEZ has taught music programming throughout the Pittsburgh region, including Penn State University’s P.E.P.P. program and Pittsburgh Public Schools’ Summer Dreamers Academy. As a recording artist, INEZ released her debut, “Voicemails and Conversations”, in December 2019.