• Understand the basics of deep listening

  • Identify sounds of everyday life within their home and their community

  • Reflect upon how these sounds inform their environment

This 30-minute pre-recorded video session, “George Crumb’s Parody of Also Sprach Zarathustra,” is the second part of a three-part series titled, “Sound and the World Around Us.” High school students will be guided through a deep listening experience, and asked to reflect upon how sound informs our interpretation of the environment. Video/audio examples will be provided of familiar sounds and scenarios of everyday life, and students will observe how altering the audio changes/disorients the interpretation of the video. Earbuds or headphones are recommended, but not necessary.

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Part III

Age Group

High School

About the creator

Leah Stevens headshot

Leah Stevens

Pittsburgh-based flutist and teacher Leah Stevens is a recent graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, where she received her Master of Music. She is also an alumnus of the Cleveland Institute of Music and Case Western Reserve University.

Leah is interested in the intersection of music, art, and activism. Her graduate recital Arcanum explored the human relationship with the environment through live electronics, amplification, and pre-recorded sound, using man-made technology to uncover truths about the natural world.

Leah has years of teaching experience, and believes in crafting learning experiences catered to the individual needs, abilities, and desires of the student.