Everyone is a dancer! Discover the Dancer in You through a series of fun and energizing dance activities led by Ira Cambric. The second video in this series will require a yoga ball to complete.

Find the lesson outline here

  • Learn warm-ups and exercises to assist in performing dance choreography

  • Find and build the self confidence to view yourself as a dancer

About the creator

Ira Cambric headshot

Ira Cambric

Ira Cambric III, hails from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, where he began his dance training at Center for the Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA) High School. At a young age, Mr. Cambric began dancing with companies including Pittsburgh Ballet Theater (Lynn Swann scholarship )and Abby Lee Miller Dance Company. Ira began his professional career working with companies such as Walt Disney world in Florida, and in Tokyo Japan. He has danced in Europe doing TV and film as well as runway work. Ira has returned home to Pittsburgh so that he can share the things he has acquired in his travels. Mr. Cambric hopes to provide youth with values that may not only help them reach their dreams but show them that they do come true.