• Explore how to change the body under different circumstances and with different characterizations

  • Learn details about a character to portray them in a way that is believable

  • Engage in critical and imaginative thinking to write an original story based on known songs

This three-part series gives participants the tools they need to unlock their creativity and create their very own musical to perform for family and friends from the comfort of their homes. The activities are designed to engage students in the performing arts through vocal warm-ups, body awareness exercises, character creation, story creation, and concludes with a unique devised theater piece that participants can present to a live or virtual audience. The program is flexible, and participant driven, and therefore is amenable to many age groups. The skills learned in this series can be applied in the classroom through creative writing activities and provide constructive ways for students to release excess energy.


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The Show Must Go On

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Part II

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About the creator

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Emily Gallagher

Emily Gallagher, soprano, has performed in opera houses around the U.S. and Europe and currently is a teaching artist with Pittsburgh Festival Opera. Upcoming engagements include My Neighbor Figaro, for which she wrote the libretto. The opera will be streamed on Opera Vision later this summer as part of a series of mini-operas written, produced, and performed during the COVID-19 pandemic. She maintains a private voice and piano studio and is an employee of Ever After Events where she represents fairytale characters. She is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University and holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Vocal Performance.